Wall Street
meets the Future

Combining the business knowledge of Wall Street with the advanced technology of Silicon Valley, LightPoint is committed and well positioned to continually offer the most modern trading, risk and analytics platform to both buy and sell side firms.

End-to-end Trading & Risk platform

The platform offers an EMS, OMS, PMS, Risk and Portfolio Accounting system, which, coupled with a flexible workflow, creates maximum amount of flexibility and extensibility.

Choose your market data provider

The platform offers a choice of market data providers. Currently, we support both Bloomberg and SIX Financial Information, which gives our customers maximum flexibility.


LightPoint has built a flexible and modern trading, risk and accounting platform, employing the latest software design and infrastructure technologies. The platform provides a comprehensive solution that will evolve with our clients.

We provide a fully integrated, scalable, and future-proofed platform to support our clients’ entire workflow including: market data services, security master, order management, portfolio management, trade execution, compliance, reconciliation, portfolio accounting, risk, and client reporting – all managed from a modern cloud infrastructure.

Our platform will allow our clients to take an enterprise-wide and holistic approach to using and reviewing their data, ensuring that they are prepared to meet the technological challenges of increasing regulatory, compliance and investor demands.

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Press Releases

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Mike DeSanti of LightPoint discusses the continued evolution of the ‘virtual workplace’, and how LightPoint’s technology supports its clients in this journey.

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A comprehensive solution

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LightPoint CEO Mark Standish reflects on the genesis of the firm.

Q When did you first become involved with LightPoint?
A I was managing partner and CIO
at a multi-manager fund that…

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  • A comprehensive solution
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  • Empowering business users
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Our Team

Mark Standish

Executive Board Manager

Mike DeSanti


Bobby May

Chief Development Officer

Susan Kilburn

Chief Operating Officer

Manny Andrade

Head of Client Services and Product Governance

Jonathan Naga

Chief Revenue Officer

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